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Norton Hospitality.

It all started with "Hi darling, I bought a pub" and from there, over 25 years ago,  Norton Hospitality was born.

Owners, Ralph and Suzanne Norton, forged their hospitality growth and success through their inspiring vision and creation of iconic theme brand “Irish Murphy’s”, established in 1996.

Fast forward, Norton Hospitality remains a successful family business, employing over 200 people and operating nine venues across Tasmania, Queensland and Victoria.


Ralph and Suzanne continue to oversee all operations, and work on development and design of future projects, hand in hand with the Norton Hospitality management team.

We believe in getting the basics right. It starts with atmosphere, if you have the right music, lighting, temperature, if the venue is clean, and the drinks are cold, that’s the benchmark! If the staff are hospitable, and the customer is relaxed, happy and feels safe, then our job is done. While it’s good to be daring and different, or to have a multimillion dollar fit out, if those basics are not fulfilled, customers notice! 

Our venues are all uniquely different, and we like it that way. We don't believe in a copy, paste approach, instead we celebrate the differences. There is historical significance in all our buildings, and an enriched history and sense of community across our group. 

Hospitality is people, and people are our business!

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